Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gotta LOVE a sale!

Got Super Bowl fever? Yeah, join the club! To celebrate, we put my fun & smexy football romance on sale for 99 cents--limited time only. Grab a copy! No commercial breaks. :)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Name our band CONTEST!

5 authors write about 5 guys and the 5 girls who get to fall in love with them. 
But first, we need your help!

We’ve been writing about this awesome boy band for a while now, but we haven’t found a band name that we truly LOVE, know what I mean? So we decided to turn to you, boy-band connoisseurs, and avid readers to help us find the perfect one. Best of all? The winner will get a $25 gift card AND their whole name mentioned in one or more of the BACKSTAGE PASS books! All you have to do is come up with that kick-ass band name and tweet about the contest with the hashtag #BackstagePass. Easy-peasy. Click on over to the Entangled Teen Blog to enter the name in the comments, and then hit up the Rafflecopter for points!

About the BACKSTAGE PASS series

Five guys thought winning a making-of-the-band reality TV show would be the pinnacle of their career...until their band scored a sell-out stadium tour and became the hottest group in the country. Trying to keep their personal lives out of the tabloids while they maneuver media near-disasters and dodge rabid fans leaves little time for romance—not that their manager would allow it anyway.

But maybe, if their luck holds out, a summer on the road might lead each guy to that one girl he's been waiting his whole life to sing for...if fame doesn’t get in the way.

Join The Heartthrob, The Bad Boy, The Big Brother, The Shy Boy, and The Cute One as they hit the road in search of their one true love. Could it be you?

Click HERE to join the fun in naming our boy band!

Let's be friends!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Things happened today. . .

First, my editor posted this on Publisher's Marketplace,

then I squeed for a while and posted this on Twitter,

then I looked at my homemade promo art for a while and squeed some more,

and then I just sat around and smiled hard.

Official CRUSH BOOKS logo

Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting writerly inspiration where I can...

This week, it's from watching the documentary: White Stripes Under Northern Lights

"Deadlines and things make you creative, but opportunity and telling yourself 'oh, all time in the world'...that just kills creativity."

"Book only 4-5 days in the studio and force yourself to record an album [or write a book (Ophelia London insert)] in that time."

~Jack White

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why today doesn't suck...

Hey, Brad! Happy birthday, and I'll see you tonight, babe! 

Isn't he just the sweetest thing?
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